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Please go through our "frequently asked questions",
or contact us at info@hagesbadehotel.com

When is check in and check out?

Check in starts from 2 p.m. and check out ends at 11 a.m.

Please contact our reception if you need late check out.

When is the reception open?

Our reception is always supervised, all day, every day of the year.

How can I park my car?

Hages offers free parking for your overnight stay. If you need parking for longer periods, please contact our reception for further information.

I have an electrical car, how can I charge my battery?

At Hages you’ll have access to reload your vehicle. Please contact our reception and they will gladly assist you to the charging station.

I forgot to add breakfast to my booking, how do I change this?

You can always add breakfast when you check in at our reception.
Breakfast costs 99 DKK per person.

Do you offer rental bikes?

Yes, we do. This can be purchased at the reception.

How do I get access to the gym?

Access to the gym can be added upon request, please contact us in advance.

How do I get access to the swimming pool?

Our swimming pool is open for all guests, please hold your distance when entering the pool and do not dive into the pool.

How do I get access to the sauna?

The sauna is open for all guests, please note that there is a maximum capacity while entering the sauna.

I am traveling for business purposes. How do I get a company agreement?

Please contact us at tt@hagesbadehotel.com

How do I get to Lalandia?

Lalandia is located within walking distance (approx. 20 minutes).

How do I get to the Ferry station?

The Ferry station is approx. 3 km from our main building. Please contact our reception if you need guidance.