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Treat yourself with a modern seaside hotel

At Hages Badehotel we provide great accomodation in beautiful & relaxing surroundings. The houses are built on pillars - to sustain the nature in the area. Several initiatives have been taken to preserve the area's wildlife and to provide our guests a hotel experience in unique surroundings.

The property consists of a main building with reception, bar & breakfast restaurant. 

We provide free parking to our guests.

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A sustainable seaside hotel built on stilts - for the sake of nature

By constructing Hages Badehotel on stilts, we contribute to preserving the local enviroment in the area, as it enables us to establish buildings without having to dig foundations and disrupt the soil. This can be particularly relevant in areas with vulnerable or sensitive nature, sush as wetlands, forests, or coastal areas - which greatly characterizes the coastal region of Lolland, where our hotel is situated. 

When building on stilts, a foundation of poles or pillars is laid, supporting the structure. The poles are driven into the ground, but they do not disrupt the soil in the same way as traditional foundations. This means there's no need for excavation, and roots and other natural elements in the soil remain undisturbed. With this consideration for the land and nature surrounding ud, we've constructed Hages Badehotel.   

Bring your dog to Hages Badehotel

If you are a dog owner, you will be happy to know that your four-legged friend is warmly welcome at the hotel. 

We know that many people consider their dogs to be a part of the family and therefore we would like to offer our guests the opportunity to bring their furry companions on vacation. 

Facilities and Rooms

Main building with reception, bar and breakfast restaurant 

The main builing og Hages Badehotel is where you wil find everything you need during your stay. Our staff is at yor service in the reception and in the bar you can enjoy refreshments or a drink. 

Free parking and electric car charging 

At Hages Badehotel we offer free parking to our guests, so you can easily and conveniently park your car during your stay. We also have 12 charging stations for electric cars - one of which is a fast charger. 

Our rooms

At Hages Badehotel you can enjoy a room with a peaceful atmosphere that invites relaxation and well-being. You are free to use our free Wi-Fi in the room, where there are USB ports by the beds for charging mobile devices. In the kitchen you will find a microwave, stove and refrigerator. All rooms have their own toilet and bathroom with shower. 

Enjoy the fresh air on your own terrace with direct acces from the room and a walking distance from the sea. 

Poolside relaxation

We invite all our guests to enjoy our hotel's pool and sauna. 

The pool and sauna are open daily from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM. 

We have ensured that the pool is heated to a comfortable temperature between 28-30 degrees celsius, while our sauna offers a soothing heat experience. 

We look forward to welcoming you to a stay of relaxation and well-being at Hages Badehotel.