Privacy policy

Hages Badehotel processes your personal information due to:

• Statistics, analytics, and surveys to improve our services and products.
• Marketing to target specific offers.
• Branding in relation to our services and offers.
• Delivery of agreed services.
• In connection to any legal claims arising.

Responsible for processing your personal data: Hages ApS
Address: Bregnerødvej 139, 3460 Birkerød C/O HL Invest
Phone: +46 722 01 73 87
E-mail: 40935282

Hages Badehotel processes the following information from you:
(Please note that personal information may be a requirement under the purchase of a package deal,
accommodation, group booking, meeting, or an event).

Sensitive information:
• Hages Badehotel only processes sensitive information from you if you have given us your fully
• We only process the information that is necessary in connection with a complaint.

General information:
• Name
• Email
• Address
• Phone number
• Gender
• Demographics
• IP address
• Purchase history
• Cookie information
• Encrypted payment information
• Information for the accommodation, event, conference, or other package solution.
• Information in connection with a possible appeal case

Hages Badehotel processes your personal information based on a legal basis:
• By your consent while signing up or making a purchase.
• The processing is necessary to fulfill a legal obligation to Hages Badehotel.

The processing is also necessary regarding the implementation of measures, or to fulfill a contract
to which you are a party.
• The processing is necessary for Hages Badehotel, or a third party to pursue a legitimate interest.

Legitimate interests may constitute:
• To improve our communication/marketing/advertisement to you in accordance with your
• Improving service, products, technologies, and customer experiences.

Hages Badehotel collects data directly from you or from third parties, such as:
• Our partners.
• Social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

Data and cookies
Cookies do not access the programs on your computer and do not pose a threat.

Hages Badehotel uses cookies for the following:
• Analysis of website traffic and sales
• Analysis of service, products, etc.
• Social media
• Advertising
• Recognizes website user
• Improving our website

You can avoid cookies by changing your relevant settings in your internet browser. You can set
your browser to reject cookies automatically or let your browser notify you whenever a website
requests to save them.

Hages Badehotel can share your information with the following:
• Our partners.
• Internally in Hages Badehotel.
• Suppliers to Hages Badehotel.
• Public authorities (if required by law).
• Analytics and segmentation platforms such as Google Analytics, Facebook Business manager,
Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social media.
• Registers that identify risky transactions (intended to combat organized online fraud).

If we share information about you with third parties for marketing purposes, we only share the
general information you have entered in connection with the purchase of an overnight stay, other
purchases or when subscribing to our newsletter.

How long does Hages Badehotel keep your information?
Data for Google Analytics is stored for 38 months and if you have subscribed to our newsletter, we
process your data until you unsubscribe from our newsletter. However, Hages Badehotel regularly
deletes information about inactive customers in accordance with the Accounting Requirements Act.
We only store your information that is needed to process due to purposes for which it was collected.
Hages Badehotel protects your personal information. We always do our best to take good care of
your information.

As a registered customer of Hages Badehotel, you have rights that include that you can request the
information you have provided to us to be deleted. You also have the option of withdrawing your
consent and having your personal information deleted.

If one of the following criteria applies, your information will be deleted at your request:
• If your information is incorrect
• If you no longer want to receive advertising
• If the information is processed illegally
• If you want to withdraw your information

You can always apply with a complaint to the Danish Data Protection Authority if you suspect that
Hages Badehotel processes your personal information illegally.

When does Hages Badehotel transfer personal data outside the EU / EEA?
Hages Badehotel only transfers your personal data outside the EU/ EEA when the transfer is based
on an agreement that effectively secures your rights. Hages Badehotel ensures that the provider in
another country processes your information in accordance with Hages Badehotel's instructions, and
under appropriate organizational / technical security measurements.

Hages Badehotel only transfers your personal data abroad with regards to the following:
• Commission standard provisions.
• That the country has an adequate level of security (established by the Commission).
• The transfer is based on an agreement that secures your rights as well as an adequate level of